How to order with us?

The process as below: The price in our website is free shipping .

1. Choose the doll and decide the quantity

2. Add TO CART

3. Write your delivery information and contact information

4. And then next to make the payment.

5. You can choose by bank transfer or paypal for the payment.

6. After you make the payment, we will delivery the doll to you..

7. Usually, You can receive the doll after one week to 10days after you pay.

If you need to know more information, please contact us at manager@mxdolls.com or call us at +86-13312824050

Thank you. Welcome to our store.

Who is us ?

We do the sexy dolls for more than 10years. MX is our brand.

We are in Guangzhou of China.

There is good market of our sexy dolls in located market and oversea market.

We make for quality, not only for the price. so a lot clients do like our dolls and buy again.

Welcome to MXDolls

Why choose to use sex dolls?

There are so many young men today, especially single men. Since no girlfriend, he has to suppress or masturbation, so easy to get all kinds of diseases, some single men go to the hotel or bar to find a girl, but also easy to get all kinds of diseases. In order to solve the physiological needs of some single men and healthy, so choose doll, our dolls is very similar to rea girl. Very realistic!

Our dolls are safe and healthy and will control your desires and relieve your stress.

Welcome to MXDolls