full sex doll – 100cm lifelike full silicone sex doll

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Free Shipping:This full sex doll will be Free Shipping to United State within 1 week DHL/UPS/FedEx/EMS, by Air/by Sea.
100% safe:This full sex doll fully meets the international enviromental protection standard and it is 100% safe to human body.
Life like:This full sex doll are made 1:1 similar perfect figures with real girls/women,the full sex doll perfect faces are made by the most experienced and professional sculptors.
Real Feeling:This full sex doll has very smooth and elastic skin, most realistic vagina, ass, breasts and special parts, they can make you crazy.
Flexible & Durable:Built-in high grade metal skeletons and joints ensure this full sex doll various of sex poses. High quality ensure long time use.
Certificates & Warranty:This full sex doll is CE,ROHS,6P,MSDS certificated and come with at least one year warranty.


100 cm lifelike full silicone sex doll real love doll for me



  1. Clean After Use this full sex doll

    This full sex doll must be cleaned properly after sex every time. Before cleaning, the sex doll must be laid flat on a surface in order to take away pressure from its joints.
    Clean the orifices thoroughly with the solution and rinse it with adequate water. If you are cleaning the face’s cavity, remove the sex doll head and wash it under a running tap whilst avoiding the makeup. Let everything dry naturally; do not hasten the process by blow-drying as it could damage the silicone love doll.. Store it only after it has completely dried off; this is necessary to avoid mould growing inside.

  2. Creases/Wrinkles
    If creases or wrinkles come up after use, lay this full sex doll flat on any surface. The wrinkles will be disappear on their own.
    This full sex doll Silicone love Dolls should not be stored in conditions that cause creasing, such as tight fitting clothes. Many silicone sex dolls need oil in their manufacturing for casting silicone.
    If this full sex doll silicone sex doll is laid on a surface for a long period of time, oil would ooze from the skin on to the surface. Moreover, sex doll’s butt or breasts may flatten out depending upon where the weight of the silicone sex doll rests. Thus during storage, position of the silione dolls must be changed every few days.

  3. Storage A Full Silicone Sex Doll
    When not in use, it is advisable to store the silicone sex doll in the crate that it came inside of and must be placed in the same position. Avoid excessively cold and excessively hot storing conditions. Room temperature that is comfortable for humans will suit the doll. Also avoid storing the silicone sex doll in humid places as the sex doll may soak in too much moisture in these conditions.

  4. Transportation a full silicone sex doll
    If you wish to move it around always ensure that it does not get stretched from its joints. If you are transporting it over a distance, use the crate that it came in. This safety instructions are of course for the sex dolls made from silicone. If it is a plush sex doll, it can be bent and carried inside a duffle bag without a worry of a thing.


  1. How to place order to this full sex doll?

    You can add this full sex doll to the Shopping Cart and then send Purchase Order to us, we issue ProForma Invoice to confirm order with you.

  2. How about after-sale service?

    A.We can accept returning or replacing goods for question of quality or some damage caused by us.

    B.We can assist kindly to solve any question of quality or some damage not caused by us.

    C.We can guide you to repair some damage and to save cost for you.

  3. How about customs duties of this full sex doll?

    We can afford export customs clearance at our country and our quotation is not including any import duties. But we can provide official invoice document for your customs clearance as your request.

  4.  How to choose clothes and shoes for this full sex doll?

    Please kindly refer to the detailed size in the above mentioned specification table and choose the bra, underwear, clothes and shoes.

  5. Regarding feedback of this full sex doll?

    We will be very appreciated if you can give us good feedback after you get the satisfied products. And if you are not satisfied with our service or product, please do not hesitate to contact us; and we will try our best to solve question for you as quickly as possible, in order to keep you satisfied with both our products and services.

Additional information


Sex Products

Place of Origin:

Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:

MX Dolls

Model Number:



Sex Toy

Product Name:

full sex doll


Food Grade TPE

Sex type:

Vagina sex/ Anus sex/ Oral sex


100cm full sex doll

Skin color:

Tan/ Natural/ white/ Black available

Bra size:

30E – 32E full sex doll

Breast - Waist - Hips:

63 – 38 – 60 CM




Real Touch Feeling with heating and voice function


CE ROHS for full sex doll